Success Tips

Dear Satvara Students!

We know that you are all in the

verge of attending your first

terminal examinations.

Today we are going to talk about

an important problem, which you

all would have been facing in

almost all of your earlier attended

examinations and tests.

This problem is mostly not looked

upon in the right way and not

thought about in depth.

What are we talking about? Can

you all guess!

If you are not successful in your

guess, let me tell you - its all about


What do you all think would be the

reason for this problem?

Will any of the following be the

reason for 'examination fear'?

- Improper preparation for the


- No proper planning done before

the examination.

- Not understood the concepts and

lessons well.

- Not much of hard work and effort

put in to thoroughly understand the


Though all the above reasons may

seem to be one of the reasons for

this fear, it is not the root cause of

the problem. Though you are very

thorough and well versed with that

day's examination or test, the fear

in your mind might lead to

performing low in the examination.

We at, in

the interest of the satvara students have

thought deeply about this and

analyzed the problem

psychologically and found the root

cause leading to this problem.

Most of you, just before the

examination, create lot of

expectation about your

examination as

- will the paper be easy or tough?

- will you get the questions well


- will the questions be difficult or


- will you be able to remember and

reproduce what you have already


- will you make careless mistakes?

- will you be able to answer the

questions in the given stipulated


These expectations create the

examination fear in you



Once the fear crops in, your mind is

under a mental block and at that

point of time, you will not be able

recall the answers to the questions,

though you were very thorough

with it.

Having known the root cause of the

problem, let us tell you how to

overcome this problem which

would be very useful for you and

you would be able to excel in your

future examinations and tests.

The solution is,

"For any examination, prepare

the portion for the examination

very deeply in the manner in

which it has to be learnt and

make it very thorough in all

respects. After doing this, never

ever think about the type of

questions that would come up

in the examination. Let this not

disturb you in anyway. Bluntly

refuse the very thought. Keep

your mind blank like a spotless

paper. You should think about

the question paper only when

you receive it in your hand on

your examination day. Then you

see the difference. You would be

able to reproduce exactly what

you have learnt without leaving

a single point and also solve the

problems speedily."