Managing your Attitude 

it is a very

personal thing...

You may have heard the

quote..."The speed of the leader

will determine the rate of the


Well here's another one for

you..."The attitude of the leader

will determine the attitude of

the pack."

Some people think that guy

probably never has a negative

thought. How wrong they would

be! Like every human being, I have

doubts, fears, and disappointments

in life

. As a leader, however, we must

manage our attitudes.

Do we need to be perfect? Of

course not.

But, we can never underestimate

the influence that our actions and

our attitudes will have on our team.

Churchill said,

"The price of LEADERSHIP is


...and part of that responsibility is to

STAY POSITIVE whether you feel like

it or not.



However, one of the most

important factors is exercise. An

attitude and energy levels are

directly tied to exercise.

One can be doing everything else

right, but without regular exercise

One can feel attitude "heading


I've got a friend who is 65 but looks

like he's 55.

I saw him the other day and said,

"Tony, you look great." He said, "I

feel great! I got a second job." I

said, "A second job?

I thought your import business was

doing well." He said, "It is. My

second job is on the treadmill from

6-7 every morning.

When I started looking at it as a

second job, I showed up whether I

wanted to or not!" He said, "The

pay is lousy, but the benefits to my

health and my attitude are


Exercise, more than anything, is a

"stress buster".

And, don't kid yourself, stress is a


In fact the World Health

Organization estimates that 80% of

all illnesses are directly or indirectly

caused by stress. Therefore, if

you're not proactive in busting

stress, it's very likely to come back

and bust you!

(This article is submitted by:Natverlal Jadav)