When times are tough

When times are tough

When everything is broken, it's easy

to find plenty of things you can fix.

When nothing seems to be going

right, even the most basic positive


can make a noticeable difference.

Times of great difficulty and

challenge are also times of great


When there are problems in every

direction, there is also much value

waiting to be created.

When all is going well, it's easy to

get lulled into a sense of


It's easy to forget how truly

capable and resourceful you can be.

Difficult times are not much fun.

Yet they can give you great and


insights into what's truly important.

There is much to be gained when

times are good. There is even more

to be

gained when times are tough.

Resolve to persevere and grow

stronger through whatever

difficulties may


For though the difficulties will

eventually end, the treasures they


you to create can often last a


(This article is submitted by:Natverlal Jadav)